THE BIG RED HOUSE: fun pour les petits




Welcome in The Big Red House, the place to experience and to meet lots of new friends! Which activities can you join?


Cooking workshop


Bake a cake, make pizzas… every week we open the kitchen doors for young master chefs! We could make a plum cake, but then first we will have to pick some plums! And when everything is ready, of course we will enjoy the results!


Play restaurant… (for real!!)


Did you always dream of being a waiter of a waitress? In the Big Red House we will give you an apron and you can start serving! And look at all these mums and dads: they are so proud!


Treasure hunt


Go and explore the fields around Les Escaliers. Who will find the right solutions for the puzzle?




We invent new games for all ages!


The little ones


To protect the little ones, once in a week we organize activities for the youngest ones. No admittance for big boys and girls!


In pre-season and at the end of season we organize activities for the little ones from 8 to 9am. Parents have some time for themselves before enjoying breakfast!


And what else?


Feed our animals, enjoy the swings, the slide and the sand pitch. And from time to time relax and watch a nice film. Never a dull moment in The Big Red House!